21 Coastal Area RW01 RT01 Kapubaten Karimun, KEPRI, Indonesia.

Things To Do On Karimun Island

25 Jul

Things to do on Karimun Island

Karimun Island is a great place to unwind and have a short break. You can take in the sight, smell as well as the wonderful seafood that is being served on the island.

To help you plan you trip on Karimun Island, here are some recommendations for you:

Palawan Beach: It is a beautiful, idyllic beach that is popular with the locals on public holiday.

Air Terjun: Karimun Island’s very own waterfall, take a dip or have a picnic. If you are adventurous enough, you might even have a BBQ there.

Explore Tamjung Balai: Tanjung Balai is the main town on Karimun Island. You can explore the township on foot and visit the local shops. You can even have a haircut at the barber, all for a price of Rp15000. If your feet are tired from

Seafood Restarurants: There are plenty of seafood restaurants on Karimun Island. Take a pick and enjoy fresh, delicious seafood without breaking the bank.

Night market: At the Tanjung Balai township, there is a small night market that runs every right. You can buy food, souvenirs, small knick knacks, clothes as well as DVDs at this night market. Ask a local taxi driver to bring you there if you are unsure on the location of the night market.

There you have it, some suggestions to make the best of your time on Karimun Island. Oh, while you are here, do remember to make a reservation with us!

Image Credit: Gage Batubara


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